Neural Network: Use Cases

Photo by Alina Grubnyak on Unsplash

AI: Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence demonstrated by machines, unlike the natural intelligence displayed by humans and animals, which involves consciousness and emotionality. But, what if we can mimic the capabilities of human intelligence into a machine? What’s the great idea? Well we know how capable a machine can be if it has proper tools to work with, as it can crunch numbers like a bazillion times faster than a typical human can. But still due to ability to learn a computer, on itself, can’t ever match the superior beings us “featherless bipeds” are. We humans with our brains, are so tried and tested by the nature that we know what came before us, and we can predict the most probable reasons for which we may go extinct. So if somehow we are able to create the same intelligence for our artificial counterparts, the possibilities are virtually endless, so much so, that we fear extinction via some super intelligent human creation that went rogue.

One way to “mimic” a human brain into a machine is by copying the working of a human brain into some mathematical architecture, so that it can function just like one as well. To accomplish this, we use the tool known to us as Neural Network. Though achieving what we imagine may seem to far-fetched but we have travelled for long, and with ever bettering technology, the dream may just come true one day.

Bellow mentioned are some of the use cases that we have managed to accomplish till date:

Fighting Against Future Pandemics

Radiological imaging can be coupled with advanced AI to allow for immediate recognition of X-ray images suggesting that a patient is affected by the disease, even in remote or less served areas. Articulated machine learning models can be leveraged to determine the impact of quarantine measures to minimize the effects of restrictive measures on national economy.

Business and Advertising

These highly reactive programs learn by watching our behaviors, such as when we skip to page two of the search results when none of those found on page one satisfied our needs. Machines can crunch demographic data about customers’ habits and preferences at a speed that no human analyst can ever hope to reach, and can consume it to optimize pricing, offers, customer experience, and profitability. It should not surprise anyone that one of the biggest lovers of AIs and smart algorithms is none other than Amazon itself.

Yet, the retail giant is using advanced heuristics to optimize its services in many other ways. One of the reasons why Jeff Bezos’ creature is so successful, is, in fact, the amazing efficiency of its logistics planning. Other giants such as Walmart and Honda as well as many small-to-medium businesses and factories vastly improved their efficiency by implementing machine learning in the management of orders, stocking, inventory control and warehousing.

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