Wikipedia defines K-mean clustering as:
k-means clustering is a method of vector quantization, originally from signal processing, that aims to partition n observations into k clusters in which each observation belongs to the cluster with the nearest mean (cluster centers or cluster centroid), serving as a prototype of the cluster.

I’ve attended a live workshop on Salesforce and here is a short summary off my learning:

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management
Salesforce is a CRM tool
Though Salesforce provides pre-created applications, we can also create customized applications in it as per our requirements.
Salesforce has 2 platforms: Classic and Lightning Platform.
Classic is…

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a cross-platform, object-oriented scripting language used to make webpages interactive (e.g., having complex animations, clickable buttons, popup menus, etc.). There are also more advanced server side versions of JavaScript such as Node.js, which allow you to add more functionality to a website than downloading files (such as realtime…

Open source means which is publicly accessible anyone can see, modify, and distribute the code according to their requirement.
It helps us to grow your network as well as enrich our technical projects. Actually it helps to get into industry expert’s connection & learn from them a lot.
Some of the way…

In the field of machine learning and specifically the problem of statistical classification, a confusion matrix, also known as an error matrix, is a specific table layout that allows visualization of the performance of an algorithm. In predictive analytics, a confusion matrix is a table with two rows and two…

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